Update – Spyphone PRo for iPhone and iPad

Spy app for iPhone and iPad

Spyphone Pro has released an update to Spyphone Pro for iPhone, version 1.7.3, available now for customer download.

Product: Spyphone Pro Phone version – iPhone
Version: 1.7.3
Support platform: iOS 5.x – 6.1.2
Release date: 02 October 2013

What’s New?

Supported Facebook up to version 6.5.1
Supported Facebook Messenger up to version 2.7.1
Supported Line up to version 3.9.0
Supported Viber up to version

What’s Changed?

Regulated RemCam image file to 100KB

What’s fixed?

Cannot update iMesage contact name after adding the contact to the address book after activating software
Cannot update WeChat profile picture for both Owner and Contact

Additional note:

Supported WhatsApp up to version 2.11.4
Supported Skype up to version 4.12.258
Supported WeChat up to version 5.0.1

How to update?

All installations including reinstallations and software updates must be performed directly from the Target phone itself, and cannot be done remotely.

Download your existing logs if you need. Following the steps below to Deactivate will clear all existing logs. It is not possible to reinstall the latest version of Spyphone Pro on top of a previous version. To make sure you are running this latest version, you must first fully deactivate and uninstall your current version.

Assuming you have a previous version installed and already activated, perform the following steps:

  1. Get the Target phone in your hands and with Internet access available.
  2. Send an SMS manually, from any other mobile containing only and exactly this text as the message body:
  3. <*#200><your-license-code>
  4. In case your product is installed but already deactivated, send only: <*#200>
  5. You should receive a confirmation by reply SMS.
  6. Now open your user manual to start re-installation from the first step of your user manual.

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