Update – Spyphone PRo for iPhone, Android, Blackberry

We just released the new version of Spyphone Pro for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

Now Spyphone Pro can capture Viber activities. Spyphone Pro is the world’s first company that can capture Viber activities. We also changed our data center and improved server to solve connection problem on web accounts. Please see details below.

Android Version 1.5.5

New Feature : Capturing Viber application

We added Viber Tracking feature  which tracks message, image and video attached in Viber application.

Update : Stability

We fixed the problem that used to happen  in the previous version on some devices, which used to kill the software whenever those devices was rebooted.


iPhone Version 1.3.5

New Features : Capturing activities on Viber application.

We now can track Viber text messages, but unlike the Android version, Spyphone Pro cannot track videos and images on Viber at the moment.

Update : E-mail Stability

This is to fix the problem of not being able to delete some e-mail clients like Yahoo, Gmail and iCloud after installing the software.


Blackberry Version 1.3.5

 Update : Language Support for BBM and Improve Stability

Capturing BBM message in Bahasa (Indonesia) language has been fixed. Spyphone Pro is the only monitoring application that can capture BBM in all languages and keep capturing the logs even when user set the bbm settings to “Do not save history”.

A critical change has been made to improve capturing feature in low battery.


Server Connection Problem

We had capacity problem recently. The problem has been fixed permanently. All servers now 5x times faster than before.


How to Upgrade?

You firstly must uninstall the program from the settings menu or by SMS commend.
Then install it again with the same activation code, following the steps in the manual to set your program options just like you did when you install at the first time. All customer licenses already have been linked with the  new version.