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This is to update you that we just released the new version of the Spyphone Pro for Android phone today. The version number of Spyphone PRo Android is 1.7.9. Please see our Release Note below.

Spyphone PRo Android – Update

Version:  1.7.9

Compatibility: Android OS version up to 4.2.2

Supported Language : All

Supported Countries : All

Supported Networks : All

What’s New?

– Supported SIM Change notification on dual-sim phones.

– Supported Chrome browser capture on not rooted phone.

What’s Changed?

– Improved application stability.
– Crashing on start on some devices.
– Crashing on Samsung Galaxy S II after activation..

– Improved IM and Browser capturing logic to handle exception.
– Improved event repository component.
– Delete IM’s conversation profile picture after delivered event to the server.

What’s fixed?

– The application might stop working, uninstall and start over again will help.​
– Rarely, failed to completely grant Superuser permission then causing some features do not function.
– Rarely, the application stops working when it fails to deliver wallpaper event.
– Failed to capture updated target name in Viber on some devices.
– Incoming MMS will be duplicated as blank event.
– Rarely, no RemCam event send to server even if the command successfully executed on the device.
– Failed to capture WhatsApp shared location event.
– Failed to report phone number when it fails to get Viber conversation name.

Additional note:

– Supported Facebook up to version 3.4
– Supported Facebook Messenger up to version 2.5.3
– Supported Line up to version 3.8.0
– Supported WhatsApp up to version 2.10.768
– Supported Skype up to version
– Supported Viber up to version

Normal Mode on Rooted Phone

Some customers reported that the software is working in normal mode on rooted Samsung Galaxy S4. Our granting permission issue is also in the fix list. If you have a chance, please get the phone in hand, send the command to deactivate and uninstall software on it, then reinstall software. Make sure to check the version of the software. It must be 1.7.9. If the phone is rooted, granting permission should work now. You may try from Samsung phone that uses Odin program for rooting.

This update is FREE for existing customer.  All customer licenses linked to the latest version.

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